I Don’t Care if You Don’t Like It

A few weeks ago, I ordered a pizza for delivery. Twenty minutes later, my 14 YO dog was jubilant at the arrival of the pizza, and came to the door to greet the delivery guy, who looked to be a college kid. She gave him a perfunctory, 10 second sniff, and then was totally focused on the pizza. The delivery guy gave an exasperated sigh, and shot her a dirty look.

Now, here’s the thing. In order to earn money, you often have to put up with things you don’t like. That could range from the inconvenience of being chained to a desk for 8 hours, to irksome business travel, to stinky coworkers. If you’re taking a job as a pizza delivery guy, then dealing with people’s pets is one of those inconveniences that you need both to expect and to tolerate. And truthfully, being sniffed for a few seconds by a friendly geriatric dog is probably not the most irritating thing you’ve encountered during your shift. If it is, you have a serious problem. When you’re working for tips, it does not serve you well to express indignation or annoyance toward your customers, no matter how irritating you might find the situation. Plus, if you’re a 20 year old college kid, old people like me have no patience for your irritation with anything.

I ordered a pizza again last night. This time, I held the dog by her collar while I answered the door. Different college-age delivery guy, who responded with, “Hey pup! How ya doin’?” I explained about the previous encounter, and told him that’s why I was restraining her. “Oh no. I love dogs. That other guy sounds like an ass.” Exactly. Last night’s delivery guy got an extra $5 tip. It’s what Management likes to call KYC–Know Your Customer.


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