Stop Annoying Me via LinkedIn

Today I received an email that a coworker’s “work anniversary” is coming up.  He’s on vacation in Europe right now, so I forwarded him the email and told him that I’ll wait until he gets back before I get him a cake.  He advised me to save the cake for when he leaves to go to a different job.

This afternoon, I was notified that someone posted something in my alumni association’s LinkedIn group.  The entire message was, “Does anyone have any professional contacts at the University of Pennsylvania?”  There was no introduction, no context, and no explanation of what kind of “professional contacts” she was looking for.  She is listed as “Client Relationship Manager, Institutional Investments, Vanguard Group.”  I assume she wants to try to sell UPenn some kind of crappy financial services products and get them to switch their 403b plan.  Multi level marketing at its best.

Then, at least every third time I log in, the photo of a Complete Management Fraud/Jackass pops up as someone I might know.  Looks like even more of a clown in the photo than in person.  Now I have confirmation of my long held suspicion that this guy is a chronic internet porn masturbator; the photo leaves no doubt.


2 thoughts on “Stop Annoying Me via LinkedIn

  1. Mary Elizabeth Grey says:

    Those work-anniversary notices are ridiculous. And I really don’t care about anything Deepak Chopra has to say about how to inspire my professional self. Is there any real benefit to Linked In? If so, I have yet to find it.

  2. maloryreynolds says:

    I haven’t bothered with LinkedIn yet. I dread the day it becomes a necessity to find a job.

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